Now, the world’s number 1 hair remover* can painlessly remove and reduce unwanted hair more effectively than ever, and transform into an anti-aging Red Light Therapy beauty tool!

With technology this powerful, it was only a matter of time before we could reduce unwanted hair and wrinkles!

You might know that no!no! is the worlds number 1 choice for removing unwanted hair, with more than 4 million happy customers across the globe. But what you might not know, is that no!no! is made by world leaders in both home and professional equipment – not just for hair removal, but also light based devices for skin rejuvenation and professional age reversal machines such as OMNILUX.

So it was only a matter of time before the scientists and engineers at Radiancy/PhotoMedex developed an attachment that would turn this hand held alternative to laser hair removal, into a hand held Red Light Therapy beauty tool.

But more about that in a moment.

Let’s first look at what made no!no! number 1, and how the hair removal and hair reduction technology has just got even better!

Reduce even more hair in less time with up to 35% more power, with new no!no! PRO

With all of the benefits of the previous models, including painless hair removal and the clinically proven hair reduction effect, which showed up to 94% less visible hair growing back, no!no! Pro has taken at home hair reduction to the next level.

no!no! Pro uses a new patented Pulsed Thermicon technology, which allows a greater pulse of energy to be passed down to the root of each hair, disrupting the communication between the bulb and root which slows down hair regrowth and weakens the hair. Hair grows back slower, sparser, finer, lighter and in many cases, happy customers report not seeing hair grow back at all!

This extra energy means you could well see even faster and better results than ever before. But the Pulse technology means it is safe and completely painless!

5 treatment levels to treat all hair types – even coarse hair

no!no! has always worked on all hair types. That is what made it so unique in the hair reduction market. Where other technologies can only work on a combination of dark hair with light skin, no!no! works safely on all hair types and colours and all skin colours. Even the blondest of hairs can be treated with no!no!

Now, no!no! Pro can work more effectively against the hardest type of hair to reduce – thick or coarse hair. no!no! Pro includes 5 treatment levels which allows you to increase the energy up to 35% higher to target those hard to remove, hard to reduce hairs – for the most convenient, most powerful hair reduction technology you can use in the privacy of your own home.

Safe for fine, facial hair too

You can also adjust the energy down when you don’t need such a strong treatment, so you can safely use no!no! Pro on finer facial hair.

Remove facial hair and facial wrinkles too with NASA technology

Unwanted hair is not the only “unwanted” that appears on our faces – particularly as we get older. But what if you could use the one device to treat both?

Based on NASA research, no!no! can now be transformed into Red Light Therapy with an LED attachment (sold seperately).

NASA scientists discovered the effect that LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) have on stimulating cell growth more than 40 years ago. Now, you can utilise this space age technology to stimulate skin renewal and reduce the appearance of wrinkles from the privacy of your own home. Without even buying a separate device. Simply convert your no!no! into an anti-aging beauty tool, with the LED attachment, and you have two incredible beauty treatment devices in one.



How does no!no! Hair PRO differ from other no!no! Hair devices?

  • The no!no! Hair PRO Series uses NEW Pulsed Thermicon™ technology, which pulses at a rapid rate, allowing for faster and easier hair removal

  • Pulse rate: 7.69 pulses per second / 461 pulses per minute

  • Has a new design and display

  • Features 5 treatment levels to more effectively treat thicker, coarser hair

  • Uses up to 35% more energy than previous models to remove hair more effectively than ever before

  • New clear front piece that allows you to see the new Pulsed Thermicon™ tip working and treating your hair



*Only available with no!no! PRO 5

Price: $39.00


no!no! hair body blade refill pack
  • 3 x body blades (wide blades)
  • 1 x buffer

Price: $49.95

no!no! hair facial
small areas attachment kit

note: *no!no! hair facial / small areas attachment kit can only be used with the new no!no! hair, the blades in the kit will not work with the no!no! Classic.

Price: $49.00


no!no! Smooth
Slow down hair regrowth – and help keep it from growing back – with a luxurious moisturiser!

Discover no!no! Smooth- the hair retarding cream so powerful, it can slow hair regrowth by as much as 55% in just 4 weeks! This luxurious moisturiser slows down hair regrowth, whilst soothing and smoothing the skin after hair removal. Originally developed to enhance the hair retarding effect of no!no! hair remover, it can also be used with any hair removal method to give you hair free skin for longer.

Price: $29.95


no!no! HAIR Power Adapter

Price: $29.95

no!no! PRO 5

Price: $369.00


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