no!no! not only slows down hair regrowth so that you can remove your hair less and less often – over time, it actually helps keep it from growing back! At first, it’s subtle, then it can last for weeks, even months at a time! What little hair does grow back is often finer, sparser and lighter. With regular use, many customers report not seeing much hair grow back at all!

Breakthrough technology - unlike any hair remover you have ever seen!

no!no! really is unlike anything you have ever seen before. It’s not like a razor that leaves you with nicks and cuts and hair growing back almost as soon as it’s gone. It’s not like an epilator or waxing that painfully rips hair out of the skin (ouch!) - and the hair still grows back! And forget about the mess of those creams! This is different. no!no! is the only technology in the world that will give you professional results - that’s serious, long-term hair reduction- in the privacy of your home!

The science of long-term hair removal at home.

no!no! uses the latest breakthrough in long term hair removal, a patented technology called Thermicon™. Thermicon is a heat based technology that works in two ways to both remove hair and reduce hair regrowth. As you glide no!no! over the skin, no!no!’s patented hot blades painlessly melt hair away from the surface. Simultaneously, the thermodynamic hot blade wire transmits a painless pulse of heat right down the hair shaft to the root. The repetition of this heat attacks the line of communication between the root and the bulb, gradually disrupting the hair growth cycle in a similar way to IPL or Laser. This results in a visible reduction in the appearance of new hair growth. It’s simple, it’s completely painless and the results get better and better over time.

It’s clinically proven to reduce hair regrowth by up to 64%!

Clinical studies have shown that hair regrowth is visibly reduced by up to 64% over 6 to 12 weeks of using no!no! twice a week. no!no! is a treatment process so over time, less and less hair reappears. But it really is important to understand that you must use it at least twice a week, more if possible, as the Thermicon effect only works at a very particular phase in the hair growth cycle. no!no! does take patience and dedication - but the long term results are truly worth it! h, hair free skin in just weeks.

It won’t happen overnight - but it will happen!

The photos seen above were taken for clinical observation during the scientific studies. As you can see, in the first photo, there were 40 or 50 hairs – but look what happened after using no!no! twice a week for 6 weeks – you can only see about half the hairs growing back. But it’s the next photo that really shows the true power of no!no! This person was asked to stop all hair removal (including no!no!) for a further 6 weeks and the hair still hasn’t grown back!

Unlike laser, any skin colour or hair colour can use no!no!

Did you know that laser only works if you have dark hair on light skin. But you can use no!no! no matter what your skin or hair colour is! It even works on the blondest and grey hairs!

no!no! Funny Name – Serious Technology

Don’t let its funny name and IPODesign good looks fool you – this is one seriously smart technology.

no!no!'s Thermicon technology is clinically proven to reduce hair regrowth by up to 64% in as little as 6-12 weeks use.

As you glide no!no! over the skin, the patented thermicon hot blades melt away hair from the surface of the skin. At the same time, they send a gentle pulse of heat down the hair shaft, disrupting the communication between the root and the bulb, resulting is a reduction in the appearance of new hair regrowth.


  • no!no! Device
  • Buffer
  • no!no! Cleaning brush
  • Power supply
  • 2 Termicon™ Tips
  • User Manual on CD


  • Slim design with LCD status screen
  • Thermicon™ Tip status indicator
  • Adjustable treatment levels
  • Improved Thermicon™ Tips last up to 4 times longer
  • Cord-free Operation
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no!no! Classic 5Pk Blades
note: work with the no!no! Classic only.

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no!no! Classic 2Pk Blades
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no!no! Smooth
Slow down hair regrowth – and help keep it from growing back – with a luxurious moisturiser!

Discover no!no! Smooth- the hair retarding cream so powerful, it can slow hair regrowth by as much as 55% in just 4 weeks! This luxurious moisturiser slows down hair regrowth, whilst soothing and smoothing the skin after hair removal. Originally developed to enhance the hair retarding effect of no!no! hair remover, it can also be used with any hair removal method to give you hair free skin for longer.

Price: AUD $29.95 


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